Truffle powder

Truffle powder

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Truffle powder for protein-rich dishes

Are you looking for particularly tasty condiments for your protein-rich diet? Try Truffle Powder from More Nutrition, the truffle powder seasoning mix with black truffle. The truffle taste, combined with a composition of natural flavors and salt, gives your dishes that certain something. Even with the truffle powder, we pay attention to the protein-rich diet, which is of course why the proteins are not neglected here either.

Our seasoning mix with truffle is perfect for a high protein diet. Whether for seasoning side dishes, starters, pizzas, soups, egg dishes or sauces for a salad, Truffle Powder really refines any of your dishes!

What defines our truffle powder:

  • Contains protein: That contains truffle powder 18% protein
  • High in fiber: Contains 100g truffle powder 16g of fiber
  • Original taste with real truffle
  • Ideal for Refine dishes 

Net filling quantity:



Natural flavors, locust bean gum: summer truffle (Tuberaestivum Vittad - country of origin: EU) 1%, flavor.

Nutritional values "truffle powder"

Nutritional values (100g)

Calories (kcal)


Calories (kJ)




  - hereof: saturated fatty acids




  - of which sugars








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