More Nutrition Sleep Spay Probe
More Nutrition Sleep Spay Probe
More Nutrition Sleep Spay Probe
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More Nutrition Sleep Spay Probe

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MORE SLEEP Spray - The sleep spray with melatonin

Net volume: 3 ml

Shift and night work or travel to other time zones can disrupt sleep, but also our lifestyle. In order to get tired and to sleep, the body needs rest, regular bedtime and darkness. However, we are constantly surrounded by light sources - be it looking at the smartphone before falling asleep or the television and often we don't always make it to bed at the same time. Restful sleep is also in short supply for you? Then our MORE SLEEP melatonin spray is the solution! The spray combines the sleep hormone melatonin with passion flower, valerian and lemon balm extract and helps you as a natural sleep aid before going to bed - without any risk of addiction!  

The advantages of our MORE SLEEP spray have convinced you, but you would like to test melatonin as a sleep aid first or are you unsure about the choice of flavor? This is no problem with our practical melatonin spray sample! Instead of the normal size of 30 milliliters, our sample contains 3 milliliters. That is enough to fall asleep 11 times faster. Whether at home, in shifts or while traveling - our melatonin spray sample in different flavors is your reliable companion for falling asleep faster everywhere!

What is Melatonin Spray?

A spray of melatonin should help you fall asleep. The sleep hormone contained in the sleep spray can help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and alleviate personal jet lag.1,2

How does melatonin spray work?

Our melatonin spray consists of different ingredients that support your sleep in different ways: 

    Melatonin: The body's own hormone melatonin signals to your body when it is time to sleep. The Melatonin Spray Probe contains 1 milligram of melatonin per daily ration and, as a natural aid to falling asleep, helps you to find a restful sleep faster. Due to the atomization in the oral cavity, the sleep hormone is absorbed even faster through the oral mucosa. 

    Vitamins B1 and B6: In addition to melatonin, our Sleep Spray also contains vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B6. This also supports your nerves and psyche, because the two vitamins contribute to a healthy function of the nervous system and normal psychological function. Vitamin B6 also supports the regulation of hormonal activity in your body overnight. So you can not only fall asleep faster, but also sleep through stress-free and wake up refreshed. 

    Natural sleep aid: melatonin spray for a better sleep

    Our spray with melatonin to help you fall asleep better and sleep through the night will revolutionize your sleep! Our natural sleep aid does not need any unnecessary additives, alcohol or sugar and is mild in taste. So that this is not too intrusive even when used after brushing your teeth. In addition to 1 milligram of melatonin per 2 sprays, our sleep spray also scores with lemon balm, valerian and passion flower extract. In order not to make the sleep routine too monotonous, the sleep spray is available in different flavors. A spray bottle of the melatonin spray is enough to fall asleep 110 times faster!6

    To the Sleep Spray in 30ml


    Sales name:

     Food supplement with melatonin, plant extracts, vitamins B1 and B6. Flavor: pistachio

    Net volume: 3 ml


     Glycerin (vegetable), water (demineralized), melatonin, passion flower extract, valerian extract, lemon balm extract, pistachio flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate; Pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride.
    Per daily dose (2)
    per spray
    % NRV¹
    Melatonin 1 mg 0.5 mg


    Passion flower extract 10: 1
    1 mg 0.5 mg /
    Valerian extract 10: 1
    1 mg 0.5 mg /
    Melissa extract 10: 1
    1 mg 0.5 mg /
    Vitamin B1
    0.16 mg
    0.08 mg
    Vitamin B6
    0.21 mg
    0.105 mg
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