More Nutrition pizza cutter

More Nutrition pizza cutter

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We love pizza! Pizzas with crispy batter and plenty of topping have made people happy since the 18th century. And it took about just as long to develop methods of dividing the popular dish. The classic among kitchen gadgets is the pizza cutter, which with its extremely sharp wheel effortlessly makes it through any pizza. To match ours TOTAL Protein Pizza Baking Mix you can order our pizza cutter at the same time and have perfectly cut pizza in no time!

The pizza roller, a classic among pizza cutters

At MORE, we are committed to making your life easier and better! That's why we're not only working on protein-rich and healthy foods, but also on the perfect accessories that you can use in everyday life. With our stainless steel pizza cutter you can cut pizza, tarte flambée or sheet cake into perfect pieces in no time at all. The spicy pizza wheel effortlessly gets through the luscious toppings and crispy bottoms - compared to conventional knives, it is also gentle on yours Pizza board or sheet metal. The kitchen helper is also equipped with a special finger protection that prevents slipping - so that the pizza cutter from MORE really only cuts pizza.

  • Optimal design: From the wheel to the ergonomic handle, all functional parts of our pizza cutter made of partially matt stainless steel are firmly connected. The integrated eyelet can be used to hang the pizza roller on a kitchen bar - an eye-catcher guaranteed!
  • Dimensionally stable and durable: With its 19.8 cm and light 100 g, the pizza cutter is ideal in the hand. The dishwasher-safe stainless steel ensures that the pizza cutter will last a long time.
  • All-rounder: No dough is safe from our pizza cutter! With our particularly sharp blade, you can effortlessly cut sheet cakes, tarte flambée and much more. m. cut. The pizza cutter with the sturdy wheel helps you to cut the pizza without moving the topping, even with thicker doughs.
  • Safety: Our pizza cutter scores with its ergonomic handle shape and integrated finger protection - so that you don't burn your fingers on hot cheese or come into contact with the blade while cutting pizza!

MORE products for the ultimate pizza experience

If you want to achieve your personal goals by paying attention to a high-protein diet, MORE NUTRITION is the right place for you. Eating pizza without a guilty conscience is popular thanks to our TOTAL PROTEIN pizza baking mix no problem anymore. Instead of reaching for frozen pizza, you can use our baking mix to prepare a crispy pizza very quickly - and now cut it cleanly in no time with our pizza cutter.

Insider tip: just roll out our dough a little thinner and mix quark with ours neutral TOTAL PROTEIN protein powder. You already have the basic ingredients for a delicious and at the same time protein-rich tarte flambée. Try it!

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