More Nutrition pizza board

More Nutrition pizza board

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We all know this scenario: After a hard day at work, you just made it to the gym and did your training. Now you come home and crave something tasty that is quick to prepare but still has good nutritional values. This is exactly what we have with ours TOTAL Protein Pizza Baking Mix created. And so that you can enjoy your Me-Time in style, we have added our wooden pizza board to our range.

Our pizza board: strong design made of wood

For many of us, a crispy pizza is part of a perfect evening program: whether alone in front of the TV or with friends, there is hardly anyone who does not enjoy eating pizza. It's a good thing when you also have the opportunity to serve your favorite dish in style. Our round pizza board ensures that your pizza is presented from its chocolate side.

  • Not just a board: Our wooden board combines acacia wood with a simple design. The grain of the wood also gives the pizza board a classy look.
  • Perfect size: Your pizza is easy to cut and serve on the large cutting board. The round pizza board has a total diameter of 34 cm, is 1.4 cm high and weighs only 670 g despite the solid wood.
  • High quality material: Acacia wood is not only nice to look at, it is also a particularly durable and resistant wood - so you can enjoy our pizza board for a particularly long time.

The wooden pizza board for all occasions

By the way, our cutting board is by no means only suitable for serving pizza, it also cuts a fine figure as a tarte flambée board! Thanks to its elegant and well-designed look, you can also use our pizza board in general as a serving board - this makes every dish an eye-catcher, not just pizza and tarte flambée.

Acacia wood is also a very hard wood that is still gentle on your knives. In addition to a beautiful look due to the special grain, it naturally ensures that no strong odors develop.

In combination with our TOTAL PROTEIN pizza baking mix and our high quality Pizza cutter made of stainless steel you have a real dream team that turns every pizza into an experience.

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