More Nutrition Light Peanut Cream

More Nutrition Light Peanut Cream

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Peanut butter powder with a strong taste

41 servings (500 grams)


Do you love typical American peanut butter or pure peanut butter, but rarely use it due to the nutritional values? We have the solution for you! Our MORE Light Peanut Cream in powder form convinces with a strong peanut taste and 85% less fat than conventional peanut butter or peanut butter. In addition, the peanut butter powder is rich in protein and fiber. As a result, the peanut cream prepared from it is the perfect companion for both losing weight and building muscles for your body shaping, because proteins help build and maintain muscles. The practical powder form allows you a wide range of uses and quick preparation. Whether for cooking, baking or for protein enrichment of food and beverages - your MORE Light Peanut Cream can be used flexibly. Mix one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of powder together and conjure up a creamy peanut butter alternative.

Discover our powdered peanut butter now and prepare delicious meals or drinks quickly and easily - without a guilty conscience.

That's why you'll love our Light Peanut Cream

  • Less fat: Our MORE Light Peanut Cream prepared just 1.4 g of fat per 25 g portion of cream (12 g of powder in 13 ml of water). That's 85% less than traditional peanut butter.
  • High protein content: The prepared peanut butter contains 23% protein, the pure powder 48%.
  • Lots of fiber: With 1.6 g fiber per 25 g serving (12 g powder in 13 ml water) at just 47 kcal, our peanut butter powder is the perfect companion for your diet.
  • Without palm oil: For our MORE Light Peanut Cream we only use partially de-oiled peanut powder made from roasted peanuts, a pinch of salt and a touch of sweetness from the stevia plant. Our peanut cream is guaranteed without palm oil.

This is how you can prepare the Light Peanut Cream

Are you nutrition conscious and a big fan of peanuts with salt? With our peanut butter powder you can refine your favorite foods and drinks with a fine or strong peanut note. Or you can smear yourself a classic peanut butter bread. The possibilities are endless!

In these two ways you can literally prepare our Light Peanut Cream in no time at all:

  • If you want a delicious butter, mix a portion of powder (12 g - approx. 2 tablespoons) with 13 ml of water (approx. 1 tablespoon) until it becomes a creamy mass.
  • Would you like to use the peanut butter powder instantly? Then add a serving of the powder (depending on your taste) directly to your meal or drink.

On bread, in porridge or curry - discover the versatility of our Light Peanut Creme

Are you running out of ideas for what you can use the peanut butter powder for? We have a few more great suggestions for you!

  • Mix up a creamy butter and enjoy it for breakfast on a piece of bread or pancakes. A little tip: If you add the powder directly to the pancake batter, you get a nice, fine peanut note.
  • Do you like to eat porridge or muesli with a hint of nuts, but don't feel like all the calories? Then add two tablespoons (depending on your taste) of the peanut butter powder to your milk, quark or yogurt and stir it in. Depending on the consistency you want, you can add a little milk or water.
  • The peanut butter powder is also versatile in beverages. Use it in your protein shake for a strong peanut flavor or sprinkle some powdered peanut butter in your coffee or on the head of your cappuccino. Have you ever made a peanut cream milkshake yourself? Then try it out, you will love it!
  • Do you like to cook yourself and pay attention to fresh, healthy ingredients? With our powdered peanut butter you can perfectly combine your dishes with peanuts. How about, for example, a vegan low-fat peanut curry or satay skewers in peanut sauce?

Whenever you fancy the taste of peanuts with salt in your food or drinks, our peanut butter powder is always ready to use.

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Sales denomination:

Powder from roasted peanuts (partially de-oiled) with sweetener for the preparation of a low-fat peanut cream.

Net quantity: 500 g


Peanut powder (partially de-oiled, roasted), salt, sweeteners (steviol glycosides).

Preparation recommendation:

Mix a portion of powder (12 g - approx. 2 tablespoons) with 13 ml of water (approx. 1 tablespoon) until creamy.


Prepared contains 85% less fat than conventional peanut creams.
 average nutritional values
per 100 g
per serving (12 g in 13 ml water)
Calorific value
1648 kJ
196 kJ
393 kcal
47 kcal
11.8 g
1.4 g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids
2.0 g
0.24 g
17.0 g
2.0 g
- of which sugars
8.7 g
1.0 g
13.6 g
1.6 g
47.6 g
5.7 g
1.0 g
0.12 g


Dry, closed and below 25 ° C. Protect from sunlight.

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