More Nutrition Light Gourmet Sauce
More Nutrition Light Gourmet Sauce
More Nutrition Light Gourmet Sauce
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More Nutrition Light Gourmet Sauce

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Cheddar Cheese

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Save calories, not taste - a light sauce can be so delicious

296 g / 285 ml

What would wraps, burgers or fries be without a delicious sauce? Probably pretty boring. But even nutrition-conscious people like to use ready-made sauces here. Unfortunately, there is usually a lot of fat and sugar in these, which quickly adds a lot of unnecessary calories to every healthy dish. It is much better to choose a delicious light sauce that does not contain added sugar or unnecessary fat. Light sauces don't taste good? We'll prove you wrong! Our light gourmet sauces were developed together with a renowned chef. They convince you in many different flavors with less fat and sugar than conventional sauces! Because why should a calorie-conscious diet end with the sauce?

This is what makes our light gourmet sauces so special:

  • Less fat: Depending on the taste, our light gourmet sauces score with up to 80% less fat or sugar than comparable conventional sauces.
  • No added sugar: The Light Gourmet Sauces are completely without added sugar and only contain the naturally contained sugar.
  • Without titanium dioxide: We do not use the coloring agent titanium dioxide (E171) in our light gourmet sauces, as this has been classified as "not safe" by the European Food Safety Authority since 2020.1 Nevertheless, it is contained in many light sauces from other manufacturers.
  • Maximum taste: Less fat means less taste? Not with us! Our light gourmet sauces are delicious and light as they contain significantly less fat and / or no added sugar.

With french fries, on the burger or as a dip: our light gourmet sauces refine every dish

Whether on a burger, with wraps, french fries or as a nacho dip - a delicious sauce gives many dishes an extra helping of flavor. Often, unfortunately, a large extra portion of calories, because many sauces contain a lot of fat and sugar and, on closer inspection, turn out to be real calorie bombs. Mayonnaise, tartar sauce and French fries sauces have z. B. up to 800 kcal per 100g and are thus well over 100 kcal for a 15g portion. But just doing without sauce is not an option, is it? We have the solution! Our light gourmet sauces refine your recipes without unnecessary calories. Whether classic burger sauce, fries mayo, cheddar cheese sauce or something more unusual with our Pineapple Asia Sauce with a hint of chili: delicious does not have to be high in calories.

How about B. with a vegan burger and our Pineapple Asia Sauce with no added sugar? Just 7 kcal per 15g portion (46 kcal / 100 g) ensure that you don't have to regret your taste experience. Or enjoy a protein wrap to the fullest and without giving up with our Light Gourmet Truffle Mayo Sauce. A 15 g serving has just 11 kcal (76 kcal / 100 g). What you like is allowed! Enjoy your favorite dishes without a guilty conscience, but with all the more flavor.

Buy light gourmet sauces easily online

Would you like to save sugar and fat on delicious sauces, but not forego the best taste? Then bring our light gourmet sauces in many delicious flavors home. Simply order your favorite flavor online and enjoy full flavor with up to 80% less fat and thus 90% fewer calories than comparable conventional sauces. And this is how your favorite sauce goes from the shopping cart to your plate:

  1. Select the amount you want
  2. Use your preferred payment method
  3. Open the package, open the light sauce and enjoy delicious recipes!


Store dry, protected from light and heat. After opening in the refrigerator
(max. 7 ° C).

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