More Nutrition 2 calorie oil spray: your home cooking spray

More Nutrition 2 calorie oil spray: your home cooking spray

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Save calories with our baking and cooking spray

800 sprays (0.25ml each), vegan



The eternal dilemma: We love grilling and baked goods, but as nutrition-conscious people we don't want to consume too much fat. Do you want to grill, roast and bake with as little fat as possible? With our cooking spray, you can do all of that - without worrying too much about calories. One spray of the oil contains only two calories1 and can be used in many ways. The particularly fine spray attachment of our cooking spray enables the almost fat-free preparation of food in the pan, waffle iron, on the baking sheet and other cooking utensils. So you can bake and cook with as few calories as possible, without sacrificing enjoyment or running the risk of something sticking to it.

What actually is a cooking spray?

Cooking sprays are a way of preparing your meals with almost no fat instead of cooking oil or butter. The sprays mostly use a vegetable oil that can be sprayed onto pans, baking pans and other cooking utensils to prevent food from sticking.

With the non-stick cooking spray, you apply a thin film of oil to your cookware. Due to the particularly fine dispersion, a short spray of approx. ¼ second z. B. wet a pan with oil. This saves a lot of oil and of course calories when cooking and baking. Do you want to know why you can use our baking and cooking spray with peace of mind, without worrying about calories? Very simple: The spray function of the spray ensures that the fat ends up in your pan or baking pan and not on the food itself. Compared to a tablespoon of oil, which is usually used for frying in the kitchen, you save a lot with our cooking spray 100 calories - that makes our spray the ideal supplement for low-fat preparation as part of a healthy diet.

The advantages of our cooking spray

Our cooking spray scores with many advantages: On the one hand, you save calories and benefit from the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in our spray. On the other hand, you can also use our 2 calorie oil spray as a non-stick cooking spray. So nothing sticks in the waffle iron or grill.

Since you can ideally dose the oil thanks to the precise spray attachment, you only consume as much oil as you need for frying or cooking. The cooking spray is also an ideal companion during a diet or in phases in which you attach great importance to your diet.

Another advantage of our spray over oil from the bottle is the "Bag-On-Valve-System": Here the compressed air, which is used as a propellant, does not come into contact with the oil. This means that the cooking spray can be kept open until at least the best before date and does not oxidize faster after opening - so that the high yield of our product is also worthwhile!

That's why you should definitely try our baking and cooking spray:

  • High productivity through particularly fine dispersion of the oil
  • Only 2 kcal per spray1
  • High quality, tasteless rapeseed oil (no palm oil, no silicone, no preservatives)
  • High content of unsaturated fatty acids
  • Particularly high heat resistance up to 210 ° C
  • Bag-on-valve system ensures longer shelf life without preservatives
  • No dangerous propellants

One cooking spray - many uses

More and more people are deciding to change their diet and prefer to use healthy products instead of fast food & Co. Vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil are ideal so that meals with fresh vegetables, meat or fish can be prepared just as healthily. This not only consists of essential fatty acids, but also scores with a neutral taste!

The spray attachment of our cooking sprays enables the oil to be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. This has one advantage above all: You never have too much oil in the pan, but always just as much as you need so that your food does not stick. The same also applies to B. when used in the waffle iron or for the baking pan. The natural non-stick function of the oil in our cooking spray ensures that you don't have to deal with sticky dough when used correctly.

Thanks to the spray function, you can also use the oil sparingly, which makes the cooking spray incredibly economical.


Nutritional values and ingredients



 Refined rapeseed oil 97%, lecithin (rapeseed) 3%.


 Compressed air (no contact with the food due to the bag-on-valve system).


 Shake well before use. Then spray onto the cooking utensil. Spray onto a pan or baking pan from a distance of 20-30 cm. Then fry or bake as usual!


Nutritional values per
100 ml
* ¼ sec. Spray (0.25 ml) **
Calorific value
3330 kJ
8 kJ
810 kcal
2 kcal
90.0 g
0.23 g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids
7.2 g
0.02 g
- of which monounsaturated fatty acids
54.9 g
0.14 g
- of which polyunsaturated fatty acids
27.9 g
0.07 g
0.00 g
0.00 g
- of which sugars
0.00 g
0.00 g
0.00 g
0.00 g
0.00 g
0.00 g


** 1 serving = ¼ sec. Spray (0.25 ml). 800 servings per bottle.


Dry and below 25 ° C. Protect from strong smells, sunlight and open flames.

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