ESN Protein Dream Cream Hazelnut

ESN Protein Dream Cream Hazelnut

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    • Super creamy


    • High protein content (over 20%)


    • Low in sugar


    • Gluten and aspartame free


    • Free of palm oil


    • Suitable for vegetarians


    • Quality product made in Germany


Which candy has the most fans? In any case, nut nougat cream should be pretty far ahead. Whether as a spread, as a pancake decoration or as ready-to-use "nerve food" for in between: Almost everyone loves them. If only it weren't for the horribly high sugar content! With the ESN Protein Dream Cream there is a wonderful alternative to the commercially available high-sugar creams. It only contains a good seven percent sugar, but provides over 20 g of protein per 100 g - it couldn't be better!


Using the Dream Cream only as a spread would be an unnecessary shortage of enjoyment - it also goes wonderfully with pancakes and waffles. How about> ESN Protein Pancakes or> ESN Protein Waffles plus ESN Dream Cream? Lots of protein, extremely little sugar, maximum enjoyment! Those who prefer muffins or brownies will also appreciate the Dream Cream, because it is also suitable for baking. Incidentally, it contains no palm oil, no gluten and no aspartame-based sweetener. So a message to everyone who wants to eat appropriately for sports but are still fans of sweet cream: Here you can get your hands on it!

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