ESN Instant Oat Flakes, 2500g

ESN Instant Oat Flakes, 2500g

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    • Instantly soluble instant flakes


    • Low GI (Glycemic Index)


    • Ideal for mass building phases


    • Perfect source of energy


    • Excellent fitness meal


    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


    • Quality product, made in Germany


The protein-rich ESN Instant Oat Flakes are a high-quality natural product and are a valuable source of energy for many athletes.

Strength athletes need more energy than they consume to gain weight quickly, especially in phases of mass building. In order to achieve the desired results, high carbohydrate meals are essential. An increased calorie intake can quickly lead to an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, but not when consuming the ESN Instant Oat Flakes. They provide the body with a total of 355 calories per 100g and ensure a pleasant feeling of satiety.

Content: 2500g powder

Recommended intake

Recommended time

The ESN Instant Oat Flakes can be consumed at any time of the day, whether as muesli for breakfast, as porridge for lunch or in a protein shake after training.


The nutrient-rich ESN Instant Oat Flakes offer protein shakes a perfect addition to high-carbohydrates. For this, approx. 50g (5 tablespoons) Instant Oat Flakes and 30g ESN Whey Protein are dissolved in water or low-fat milk. The ESN Instant Oat Flakes also taste great when mixed with warm liquids. They dissolve perfectly in milk, juice and water. The wholegrain oat flakes for baking cakes and biscuits are an absolute highlight.


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