ESN dextrose, 4000g

ESN dextrose, 4000g

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    • High quality grape sugar
    • Very quick energy supply
    • Perfect for the PWO shake with ESN whey
    • Ideal in combination with creatine
    • Perfect for muscle building phases
    • 100% vegan product
    • Quality product, made in Germany

ESN Dextrose is high quality and natural grape sugar, which is one of the simple sugars. Dextrose is 70-80% sweeter than regular table sugar. The molecule of grape sugar, also called glucose, is not very complex and also short-chain. Due to its simple structure, ESN dextrose quickly gets into the blood of the human organism and ensures there is an immediate supply of energy.


Content: 4000g powder


Consumption recommendation

Recommended time

1 serving (60g) ESN dextrose is recommended per day, which can be consumed before, during or after training. After training, the high-quality grape sugar can be used very well as an ingredient for the mandatory post-workout shake with ESN whey protein.


1 serving = mix 60g dextrose powder in 300 ml water. Drink 1 serving with or between a meal. Ideal before, during or after exercise. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

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