ESN Cluster Dextrin, 1000g

ESN Cluster Dextrin, 1000g

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    • Pure highly branched cyclic dextrin


    • Provides valuable carbohydrates (Cluster Dextrin ™)


    • optimal absorption and high bioavailability


    • Dextrose equivalent <5


    • Ideal source of energy before, after and during training


    • Perfectly suited for muscle building phases


    • 100% vegan product


    • Quality product, made in Germany


The ESN Cluster Dextrin is an excellent supplement for athletes in the field of bodybuilding, strength and endurance sports. The very well-tolerated dextrin offers athletes a great source of carbohydrates and provides the body with sufficient energy during training.

The highly branched cyclic dextrin is absorbed by the body faster than other carbohydrate suppliers and is immediately available to it over the long term. In contrast to dextrose and maltodextrin, there is no sharp rise in the blood sugar level in the body.

Content: 1000g powder

Recommended intake

Recommended time

1 serving (60g) ESN Cluster Dextrin is recommended per day, which can be consumed before, during or after physical activity. It is also advisable to take cluster dextrin on non-training days in order to supply the muscles with sufficient glycogen. The high-quality carbohydrate supplier is best enjoyed pure, but can also be mixed as an ingredient in boosters, BCAAs or post-workout shakes.


Stir a serving of 60 g cluster dextrin powder into 300 ml water. Drink 1 serving with or between a meal. Ideal before, during or after exercise.


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