De Bron Marshmallows sugar-free

De Bron Marshmallows sugar-free

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Marshmallows without sugar and with 40% fewer calories!

Marshmallows and diet? It doesn't go together. Or is it ?! De Bron offers an almost with its marshmallows sugar-free variant of the American classic. They contain on 100g only 0.5 g of sugar and 40% fewer calories than normal marshmallows when full taste! Ideal for a little snack in the diet! The four provide variety different flavors (Vanilla, apple, peach and strawberry) in each pack of the airy Candy. The marshmallows only speak for the good quality natural flavoursand contain dyes!


  • only 0.5 g of sugar
  • 40% fewer calories
  • only with natural flavors and colors
  • delicious taste
  • aspartame free
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