De Bron Cola Gums sugar free

De Bron Cola Gums sugar free

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Sweet cola bottles without sugar and with fewer calories. Buy now the De Bron Cola Gums sugar-free in the shop!

Gummy bears, fruit gums and Cola bottles are tasty but not suitable in a diet. They are an exception Cola Gums by De Bron. They're sugar-free and contain fewer calories than regular candy. So you can in a Low carb (reduced carbohydrate) diet or feast on anabolic diet without remorse. Because compared to standard cola bottles they have De Bron Cola Gumsabout 30% fewer calories! Now online in Shop to order!


  • delicious candy
  • under 1 g of sugar
  • less calories
  • aspartame free
  • gelatin free
  • ideal in the definition phase and diet


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