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Body Attack Low Carb * Protein Bread is the perfect low carb alternative to conventional whole grain breads, which contain a lot of carbohydrates and little protein, because it delivers per slice only 3.8 g of carbohydrates and 11 g of protein. For comparison, consuming a conventional slice of whole grain rye bread consumes approx. 20 g of carbohydrates and 4 g of protein. This makes the Body Attack Low Carb * Bread one of those types of bread that are low in carbohydrates and at the same time supply the body with protein. If you don't want to bake yourself, this delicious bread is the right place for you.

Product highlights

  • Only 3.8 g of carbohydrates per slice
  • 11 g protein per slice
  • Provides fiber
  • Protein sources with high biological value
  • Supports muscle maintenance and muscle building
  • With high quality wholemeal rye flour
  • Valuable and healthy
  • Can be used for recipes
  • 1 pack contains five slices
  • Delicious taste
  • Long-lasting feeling of satiety
  • Ideal for a low carb diet

Reduced Carb * Protein Bread with high biological value
The Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread mainly contains vegetable protein sources such as wheat and pea protein, flaxseed, sesame, soy and whey protein powder. This protein mixture gives the Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread a high biological value. If you then add cream cheese to bread, this is increased even further. The Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread is therefore comparable to a multi-component protein shake in terms of value and is therefore the ideal alternative for people who do not like milkshakes, but who want to add more proteins to maintain and build muscle through their daily diet.


The Reduced Carb * Protein Bread is ideal for people who pay attention to a reduced carb or low-sugar diet and do not want to do without bread. These include, for example, diabetics, health-conscious people and athletes who strive for a lower body fat percentage. Because a high-sugar diet is known to increase the body fat percentage and weight gain in a high-calorie diet. Therefore, the Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread can be a good alternative if you want to switch your diet to low calorie and low sugar in the future. Also people who want to increase their protein intake to support muscle building.

Above all, a protein-based diet is said to have a better satiety effect, which is why the Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread fits well into a figure-hugging and slimming diet. Because if you also do sport and consume enough protein, you can build muscle and lose body fat.

Delicious taste and high fiber content
In terms of taste, the Body Attack Reduced Carb * Protein Bread can compete with a rye-grain bread. Last but not least, the Body Attack delivers Reduced Carb * Protein Bread 14 g of fiberwhich means that the bread has a high fiber content. According to nutrition experts and scientists, these should not be missing in a healthy and balanced diet, as health-promoting properties are ascribed to them when it comes to blood sugar regulation, satiety and detoxification.

* Reduced carb means that the product provides at least 30% fewer carbohydrates compared to conventional products.


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